◦  Right angle worm gear reducers
◦  Food-grade stainless steel housing
◦  Ratio 5:1 to 60:1
◦  Size 206 to 325 (2.06" to 3.25" between input and output shaft)
◦  Designed for heavy-duty washdown
◦  Rust free housing, flange, and shafts are perfect for food industry
◦  Ideal for tough environments and corrosive applications
◦  Internal bladder adjusts to heat and pressure —  No need for a surface breather
◦  Heat-treated steel worm shaft w/ ground thread
◦  Aluminum bronze (ALBC3) worm wheel
◦  Polished matte finish
◦  High quality double lip oil seals
◦  Input flange O-ring repels external moisture
◦  USDA H1 food grade lubricant : MOBIL SHC CIBUS 460
◦  Compatible with 56C, 145TC and 182/4TC Motor Inputs
◦  One year limited warranty

Stainless Steel Worm Gear.pptx
Stainless Steel Worm Gear 2.pptx

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