Our story

In 1960, Mao Cheng Chen and two fellow students at the Tainan Engineering College (now Cheng Kung University) started a company called Chen Ta Machinery Works. They named the company after their alma mater. 

During its first decade, Chen Ta specialized in automobile machining. In 1971, with the addition of Jen Wu Machinery Co., the company began to release its trademark CHENTA gear reducers. Fifty years later, the company - now named Chenta Precision Machinery - has developed into a leader in gear reducer manufacturing. In 1973, CHENTA expanded into the aquacultural industry with the production of paddle wheel aerators. 

With half a century of experience in manufacturing and mechanical operation, a culture of dedicated enterprise has grown within the corporation. This spirit is the company's most precious resource. CHENTA's motto is Innovation, Honesty, Diligence, and Efficiency.